Bollywood Museum

Bollywood Museum

Bollywood Museum opening soon!

Soon you can meet your favourite Bollywood stars and under one roof in Bollywood Museum.

Mumbai is going to get the first of its kind museum on Hindi cinema Bollywood Museum.

This model will be followed in Delhi before being replicated on a national and global scale. The Bollywood Museum will be located in Filmcity itself and aims to provide a unique 360 degree touch-and-feel Bollywood experience where consumers get up close and personal with their favourite film personality.

The Indian film industry is the largest in the world, producing films which range from regional-language cinema to art house. In 1931 a modest 28 films were produced in India, inn 1947 that figure reached 280. Today, nearly 1000 movies are made each year in India the film producing country in the world.

Bollywood has become the popular name for commercial Hindi-language cinema produced in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and is considered the national cinema of India.

More to come soon…

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